The  C h a r m a é  philosophy has been built with a commitment to sustainable fashion and exemplary construction.

Inspired by nature our fabrications are a mix of silk, linen, regenerated viscose, renewed cupro, organic cotton,  modal and bamboo.

SILK: The protein fibre silk both preserves body heat and regulates temperature through its moisture wicking properties allowing you comfort in all climates.

CUPRO:  The breathable Cuprammonium (Cupro) made from renewed wood pulp, allows your body to regulate its  temperature.

VISCOSE:  Regenerated and purified cellulose fibre viscose cools your body. 

MODAL:  The reconstituted modal fibre made from our Beech trees, feels as soft as silk on your skin but as strong as the Beech it is derived from.

LYOCELL: Harvested from farmed Eucalyptus trees eliminating negative environmental impacts on our universe. This pulp is then dissolved, processed and then restored into fibre using new sustainable technologies.

COTTON: controls moisture and insulates you through climate variables.

LINEN: The fibre Linaceae releases perspiration quickly and over time becomes your second skin.